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Lawn & Garden Center

Flowers and Lawn

We have a large selection of seasonal bedding plants, tropicals, and hanging baskets. We also carry pumpkins, straw, and cornstalks for the fall and live Christmas trees and wreaths for the holidays.

  • Terra Cotta and synthetic pots
  • Bird supplies
  • Bagged Goods: Pine, hardwood, and black mulch
  • Premium Nature Scapes mulch in brown and black
  • Basic and premium potting soil, topsoil and garden soil
  • Play and all-purpose sand
  • Quikrete
  • We carry a large selection of fertilizers and pesticides. Major brands include Scotts, Fertilome, Hi-yield, Spectracide, and Ortho.

We have knowledgeable employees who can answer questions to help you maintain that perfect lawn.

Scotts Ferti-Lome Spectracide Ortho